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neil: it is the unofficial last week of summer. do you know where your congressman is? still on vocasion. when most of america gets back-to-school next week, where do youhink they will be? still on vacation. if you think there is a sense of alarmo the hill, hell no, among pressing items that congress is taking u whe when they get backo work for 9 days, a hearing on the environment, pardon me, that is n the storm i was talking about. glad to have you i am neil cavuto, say what you will of a president who likes to bypass
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congress, sometimes you can't blame him because it is hard to find congress. a house speaker whose best proposal to keep the develop spending is by keeping the government going for another couple of months while republics get their ducks in order, how quaked is this there has to be a better way maybe a third party way. to dallas mavericks owner. who does not like the way this particular ball is bouncing. mark going along with so much tonight, good to have you. thank you. neil: what do you think of this, you talked about that o loud for campaign and during campaign i would imagine since, for good reason you are frustrated.
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>> i don't think that anybo fully identifies with either party any longer. and pure. >> i think that means most people are not fully represented, i would love to see a third party form, cal it the gdi, whaver it may be that rely says that. parties and people don't have to be perfect, let's go out and try to solve problems. neil: you have not been actively involved in the political process like setting up a group that would -- >> no. neil: why not? >> the time, not so mh money as it is the time. this is all consuming, something you think aboutal day long. >> if you are frustrate enough with the process. >> unfortunately, i have 10,000 other things going on. i have been supportive t other people who said they will take that first step. in '08 there was unity '08, it
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requires somebody that is willing to commit resources and more importantly, time. neil: wt do you think of those who initiated that, then targeted by the irs? >> i'm not -- against, i don't look at these, i am not paranoid about these things going on. to say what happen on republican side they targeted. i'm not buying it. i am more on the side it is not a scandal. it goes to purity. when you take something -- when you have 10,000 actions happening you pick on a hundred you can create any story youment. neil: there was a pat owner that -- pattern to that. >> you have $10,000 instances, it is the signal and the noise, you could find a hundred call it a pattern, who it is not really a pattern, i'm not trying to
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dismiss who anyone is doing on either side, if you go out and accomplish things, it does not matter if we go out and this government, congress is doing things they become fodder, they become you know fall to the way side. it is just when every has to be so pure, they do, they like to victimize themselves it helps confirm their purity. look at me, i've been picked on. i'm a victim, i'm pure. neil: you are a big supporter of esident 2008-12, but you have expressed frustration with him, you said he is a mart guy almost too smart? >> he is smart enough to understand what he is doing, and smart enough to understand what to avoid, he knows how to play the political process. where i had a problem withim, i think transparency is importance. i think we live in an era there is so much technical opportunity
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and so many advances, we can support big data in so man ways you need pra piranha -- transparency. neil: should he have been on top of the nsa, or is that too much for mark cuban? >> come on neil. >> you are mr. internet star. >> i don't see it as that big a deal, i know -- i get audited almost every year, all my foundations get audited pretty much every year, most of my businesses. neil: both democratic and republican administrations alike. >> i don't feel like a victim, i still have to compete, with nsa it is disappointing there was not transparency up front they were doing this, and we found out about it the way we did.
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about, bits are bits, if you think your mailbox was protected and they could not find out what they wantedo. there is not a much privacy as people would like to expect, particularly in an era where i would rather be protected. neil: if you want your privacy get over it, is it that bad? >> it is that good. neil: you hear the other instances like hacking or sites shutting down, and instagram, and nazdaq, so many others, washington post, "new york times," amazon, again and again, you see a pattern. >> yeah, you better believe it, every single digital asset we have in it country is uer attack. neil: do you think that nazdaq was? >> it is, why would you not. neil: this stuff they are talking aboutal go rythms that did not mesh you are not buying that. >> it may will be but it is still under attack. neil: what do we do? >> keep your defenses up, if in
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talking about defense budget, if i had my choice wean spending money on -- between spending money on metal or on digital protection, i am spending it on digital protect every day of the week, someone explained to me, if you look at a warship, it is still a tech language -- technological practice artechnoe time you get to the third year of the building of that, it is obsolete, and if i am attacking u.s., do i attack the port or an allie or the nazdaq? >> you think there was some what of a concerted effort of a variety of folks with bad intentions. >> oh, yeah, are you kidding me, i've talked to people in the administration where they said,
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what do you think your biggest threat is. if i want to destabilize the economy of the u.s., i set up a fund, and go i through a couple years of trading alga rythm, i have a fat finger knowing it will trigg downstream 20 bad events we saw a na nazdaq freez, and we've seen a flash crash. are not that big into the market. >> no. i sat in a group this week with entrepreneurs and small business people, i said which do you think is more stable, gives you a better with more tra transpar, vegas in the casino or stock market. it was 100%. vegas and t casino. peop do not trust the second
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stock ansecondstock any more --e any more, they don't trust it. there is no system that cannot be hacked. right now or stock markets are no longer built to be sources of capital. they are now platforms for hackers, i don't just mean nefarious hackers, 70% of transaction on the stock exchange. no one is investi in stocks any more they put their money in an index fund, that is risk. neil: the more we see of these types of incidents you are saying less interest we'll he -- have -- >>, of course,. neil: peeking of technology, microsoft steve ballmer stepping down within a year, what should microsoft do, talk of bringing bill gates back? >> i have no idea. the problem with microsoft, it is enormous, we look at it like
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it is a company that failed because stock price has not gone up, when a stock price is not a reflection of the success of the company, they have returned a lot of money to shareholders and sales up to what 82 billion a year, whe you are that big, the law of big numbers taking over, it is difcult. neil: many arg thank yo argue is innovative ways. >> it has missed on a lot of fronts, t that does not mean it still condition find something. neil: what do you think of bill gates idea, returning to the company. >> billates would have to sit down, and say here is what i'm going to do, compare to google. i sat with guys at google, they said, what is our biggest risk, i said you are looking a lot like microsoft.
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99 of revenue is search, how different from microsoft's few years when operating systems and you know, suite, were source of almost all they had. neil: image everything is, do you think that going to cellulosing some -- google is losing some of the free press it used to enjoy. >> i think a little bit, but i think that is more in just specific cultures, technology group, i don't think in mainstream is is an issue. neil: can i sketc switch to youd friend donald trump. by seed he mislabeled it, he goes back at new york attorney general saying he is a britain idiot. >> i don't know about the details, you could put out calls to graduates of trump university, i people stand up
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for itt then itccompolished nothing. neil: how are you and he getting along these days. >> i love picking on him, live donald, he is is that guy in your group of friends that everyone picks on but still likes, he is not in touch with pop culture enough. enough. neil: he said he is more in touch with it than you, more success with television genre than you have. >> ask him how that is going for him now. shark tank is killing it. every friday night, and repeats are on, all of a sudden you turn onty of monday, and there is shk tank replacing a show it does almost as well in repeats, you don't see apprentice on other nights it has its slot. neil: there are only so many billionaires in the world, so many bold faced billionaires, you come to find, certainly donald rump, is there a burden
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that comes with that? you seem laid back. >> i was having fun enjoying my life when i was dirt poor, with three guys in a 6 bedroom apartment, i have a great family and friends, if i can't have fun with this, it's on my, that is my fall. there are down sides like anything, but iould rather get picked on like donald trump, then come home with messages from the bill collectors or lights turned off like i have in the past. neil: now that you are a basketball team owner, you won a championship for a city that had never seen one, then all down hill, if you don't repeat every year? >> you know -- >> is it worth the fuss? >> sometimes i asked myself, you are right, you create ally standard, and -- high standard, the pressure is on.
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neil: you are not one of those owners, that say i own a team, what jazzes you? >> i am the most competitive person you will meet, live to compete and kick your ass. neil: have you personally collected a couple million bucks in fdsin fines for mouthing off? >> so. neil: that does not who either you? >> no. neil: you talked about baseball. saying, my experience with major league baseball there is flow chance i will be able to buy a team. what was difficulty, twice you tried. >> rangers and cubs. they made it clear to me, owner of the chicago bulls owns white
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sox, he made it clear, then when we were going through the courtroom drama with texas rangers and bankruptcy, people in courtroom made it clear, nobody wants you to have this team, so back off. neil: why? >> because i'm outspoken that is standing up for what you think is best for the -- >> absolutely, everyone is piling on alex rodriguez, you sort of said, i think paraphrasing, you know, we can go to eremes you said horrible referring to the way he was treated, it is disgrac disgraceh major lgue baseball is trying to do to him. they taken this too far. >> it is personal. rob thing i really like about david stern in nba we, league all owners said to him, would you like to have some discretionary funding, he said no. i want the decisions to be made
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by all of the ownersinings toge. you are the owners of this league, baseball is the opposite, there are stories of commissioner selig taking draft picks, and making draft picks mang unilateral decisions witht the owner. neil: what about that you don't go along with he action action yoalex rodriguezyou are banned ? >> i do not know that, he sene message. neil: is what is that. >> i'm the boss. you know, if you don't kiss the ring we'll have problems. neil: maybe you should have been phonier you would have had a baseball. >> that is not me. >> you were mentioning, you talk about you get your news, fox news, i said that is great. then, the reason why, you watch
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it an and msnbc, so you can seew each type casts the extreme. >> i learn from watching both. neil: where do you think of where boogie men are placed now? >> i think you go back and forth at each other, you create extremes to play to your base. television is television. neil: present company excluded. >> you are a busines a business is a business, you have to take pot shots of msnbc, and visa versa. neil: what do you think of rupert murdoch? >> very hypocritical. neil: why? >> if, let me qualify, if i read about tabloid in britain are true with hacking scandals there is no purity there to come in
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expecting the same thing and president or anybody in democratic party. neil: no one has connectioned that ? >> i don't know that is why i say that. neil: if you were to believe it. >> yes. neil: if there any were -- any media, cons, jeff bezos buying washington post, what do you think? >> interesting. neil: he is not making money. >> that is fine. if i put myself in that position, i say, how interesting and how much incredible value i could create if i had crack reporters, whether you like them as crack reporte or reporters on crack i don't know. but to go out and look for things, a business person, a company that size, you can't cover everythg, you are not going to have ll of ideas put in fronts of you, if you get a thoughts or a concept to say to washingt most, would have you some guys follow-up on ts, do
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investigative reporting, or if you come across things that you think are interesting don't let me get in the way. neil: that is doing the owner's bidding, which is what you kind of contribute site murdoch for -- criticize murdoch for. >> that is what media is. neil: would you want a newspaper. >> no. neil: what about new york times. >> no, it would be wrong to inthroughence. neil: you would say,s many people have said of bez ocean he bezos, he may not have it other than just keeping a good journalism product going. >> that is it. neil: not you? >> no. neil: basketball for now. >> basketball. it is an evolution center shark tank, the beauty of shark tank, it proves that the american dream is alive and well, sony tells u the number one show on all of television watched by families together, i go out talk
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to kids they don't want to talk about nba they want to talk about shark tank, parents love fact their kids are talking about valuation, and good businesses, we hear people say that american dream is dead, you know kid -- 92 that show does not jive with market stiment where it is rigged. or not fair to them, it has -- but, that is what i'm saying this is a comp playment. shark tank they have a different view. how do you describe the difference? >> i don't think -- i don't buy the fact that people think that is is rigged against them. today's young kids don't care. >> they say these incidents of late do not reinforce the view. >> there is a difference of reinforcing and feeling of the core. neil: you think there enough confidence in capitalism. >> are you kidding me? you know shark tank is like the new age lemonade stand, this is like beam that come on there --
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people that come on there, if they can do it, i can do it, this tells me about business, and teaches me about business, and parents sitting with kids to watch the show it tells them the the american dream is a live and well, there is no place, not one time when where i have gone to speak about business where someone says i don't think it is possible. neil: wow, mark cuban, agrees, and disagrees, never disagreeable. >> thank you, neil. neil: in the meantime, i hope you never dated an nsa worker or worse married one, your worse married one, your significant hosigfirst othersige [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can me room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan,
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neil: you give a guy in a cubicle some power, the latest on tse nsa workers snooping on us, they were snooping on their girlfriends too. and not so friends, and the united nations, you name it the high-tech freaks were chasing it and chasing you, anyone any time, proof that gives someone a license to spy, they abuse it every time? to nsa watch dog katherine mega-ward now, we should street they were not frequent cases but enough to prompt top nsa officials to say, it was going on, we have lisa policed, and watched and reprimanded them for it. what do you make of this? >> i think that best thing to come out is that name of this kind of a intelligence failure
11:26 pm
is love en. this is a piece of evidence why we neat moreover site, why we needless power going to the nea, right now. nsa saying to us -- neil: nea will be a sep with the issue foseparateissue. >> nea is also looking at your love letters. nsa is sayinge found a few cases, but we took care of it, trust us, that is always the message out of nsa, frankly i don't. neil: you know what worries me a little bit, you know, all of the people who have this security clearance that snowden did, that some and i think as you point out, not an issue, but some are some others, with a little bit of power, it goes a long way toward abuse. knowing that either women they
11:27 pm
are dating they could just say, let me run a profile 7 on on her, that is wt happen has. when those who really should not have that kind of pow ver power. >> this happens up and downs law enforcement chain, you see this with you know cops, local cops, they will look up ex-girlfriends in the driver license database to see what they are up to, and it goes up to nsa, these are human beings is in these positi, they do dumb stuff for personal gain or destruction like any of us. neil: i've seen nothing in all talk of this, that has gone about reigning in number of people, with this type of security clearance, and access. every way to address overstepping it ways to make sure we getter not spy o o girlfriends or spouses any more. but i have seen very little in the way of maybe, you have because you follow closely, they want to limit the number of
11:28 pm
security passes that gives people the power to do it? >> you know argument right now is, that we're asking the nsa to do a lot. we're asking them to watch a lot of people. and you need a big staff to take care of that. i think this solution here as always is, nsa should be doing less, we should probably need fewer people, because the nsa is watching fewer people. neil: all right, it is just a pick up line, you know i love -- as well. all right, thank you katherine? detroit, you got company, and unions, i think you peace of mind is important when you're running a business. century link provides reliable it services like multi-layered security solution to keep your information safe & secure. century link. your link with what's next.
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72 who says that detroit should have all of bankruptcy fun. neil: san bernardino, california, not far behind, city wants to crackdown on union benefits now way out of line, so out of line that city fears without the filing it will be finished, michelle fieldses said better to cramp down on unions now for their own sake as well as taxpayers sake. stuart acuff disagrees and said that the workers were promised their pensions, michelle, you
11:32 pm
think they have to do this now. >> any decision that takes power away from the union is a good decision, san bernardino was originally i middle class nice area, has turned into tons of foreclosures, and tons of poverty, the reason has to do with unions they got involved in the city council elections they put tons of money to ensure that union-backed piticians got elected and made sure that public sector unions got overly generous with salaries and benefits. neil: you don't think there was a lot of hapless oppositions and the left and right, some of whom never supported by union known who was just clueless? >> the majority from the left with liberal policies they got san bernardino into this mess. neil: stert you agree with that? right. >> yeah, right. no, neil, look. pensions are sacred obligation,
11:33 pm
a commitment by a government of the united states they should be upheld, they have be carried through. many public employees, a lot of people do not realize that many public employees are not allowed to pay into social security, if you cut their pension you cut their retirement, that is cops, firefighters could people -- sanitation workers losing everything in their supposedly golden years. that is note happen,. neil: stewart, we have chatted about this before. a lot of that life is unfair no doubt that is you an fair for a lot of peak who depend on it -- a lot of folks who depend on that. but those promised benefits now had them taken to a government entity that is paying them pennies on the dollar life goes that way? >> then, the answer to that, is to bargain harder, in the future. but not to cut what is already been obligated.
11:34 pm
what is already been committed to. >> these were promises made, politicians of either party could not fix that, what do you make of that? >> everyone in this economy is suffering, san bernardino industry was moving out of there, everyone was suffering, and what did city officials do? they had higher salaries, looking at a firefighter in san bernardino, $150,000 a year, police lieutenant, can on his last day, get a pay out for $230,000, you don't think that is secon second esive in -- exce in a badconomy that is too much. neil: i think this is excessive when 7% of population owns 63% of the country as well. >> get out of here, we're not talking about, that we're talking about san bernardino, you know, i think unions are a
11:35 pm
bunch of thieves, they go they get them -- >> come on michelle, that is ridiculous that is ridiculous. >> they give -- >> we can arg who yo argue who , but, reality, city is looking to a bankruptcy filing. maybe at a fraction of what they are supposed to be, what do you think message to be. >> one more factual point. in the private sector, pensions are protected by federal law. b not in the public sector because of the 10th amendmen states right, in private sector you may not get your whole pension, you will get significant portion, it is wrong in t public sector for cities and judges toe allowed to pay pennies on the dollar of public sector workers.
11:36 pm
>> but private are often paid pennies on the dollar, that was case we're arguing over how many pens, i am asking do you think that is litmus test. whether in detroit or san bernardino, unions have to do something, wake up smell the coffee or everyone will get burned? >> that has already happened. we saw it when the uaw and federal government saved price water, we see hard bargaining all over the place. but we don't need to take more money out of the pockets of people who spend it for this economy. this economy, needs as much spending power and consumer power. >> michelle? you are biting the recovery, and the hands that feed it. >> calpers say tt san bernardino owns 320 million in unfunded liabilitiy that is too much money, how are we going to recover the economy in san bernardino, if calpers apt ul
11:37 pm
this money, a third of all population in san bernardino lives below the poverty line, there needs to be something done, not just give it to calpers. >> all right talking about california retired persons, thank you, both we'll see what happened in san bernardino in the days ahead. in the meantime, before ron there was jack, think reagan's tax cuts were a big deal in the 80s? you should hear the drive jack k was getting pushing tax cuts of his own in the '60s. >> $ 10 billion will increase purchasing power o american families, and business enterprises, in every tax bracket. my mother made the best toff in the wor.
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neil: libals listen up, i want you to hear o of your heroes talks tax cuts up. >> billions of dollars some bill would place in hands of our consumer and businessman, every dollar released from taxin a, will help create a new job and a new salary, these. >> you jobs and new salaries can
11:41 pm
create other jobs and other salaries. neil: sounds almost like ronaldinronaldreagan that was jn 1962 talking a need for tax cu cuts. now ironically kennedy won out,ly did not live to see it. his successor lyndon johnson did, enjoying the boone that jfk predicted. to investor, wilbur ross said that remember the other significant story sandwiched in between. people forget it. >> they do. i can't imagine why, but they
11:42 pm
do. neil: you know, amazi is that kennedy had a fight on his hand with liberals in his party. buhe was in the pro serves cobbling together enough support that was realized by a successor. but it was an uphill fight. >> in those days there were me moderates in the congress. now there is an extreme polarization, that makes it more difficult to det compromise through. neil: i was looking at deficit, 12 billion-dollars. but, the idea that you could grow your way out of this, rather than just cut our way out. today, we have both grow and cut. what do we do? >> i do think that tax moderation would be a good part of the solution, it is significant to note that european union, not a very right wing group, has told france,
11:43 pm
they can't raise more taxes they want them actual to make spending cuts. most extraordinary thing to have eu tell france, that 45% of the economy is already drowning in tax. that is the percentage of the economy that taxes take in france, then the government, is 53% of the economy on the spending side. how on earth do you grow in any responsible fashion a country with those benchmark numbers. neil: i wonder, this is same president, steel industry for hikes, but, you menoned about there were more moderates then. i think that people who charactezed john kennedy as a liberal on social issues i would agree. but he was very pragmatic on fiscal issues. for what worked on phy fiscal issues, that is lost i think in
11:44 pm
the democratic party. >> i don't know if it is laughter on they just don't care, i can't imagine they don't know about it they have to know about kennedy and his tradition, but gaither. neil: i guarantee new none of retrospect journeys we'll be going on media world will tax cut thingome up that is my thinking, but i could be wrong. >> i heard that some of them claims that tape you played was not -- >> it was doctored. >> we going to show you, when full tape, those remks, multiple speeches, but leaving that aside, we tried everything to stimulates economy. we tried everything else, you are the bilonaire, business man, but simple journalist this me says try this, we have tried everhing else it has all been a failure.
11:45 pm
>> i think there are things that we could do to build the economy without spending more money, the shale thing is a phenomenon very much en vogue. neil: fracking that sport of ing. >> a milon wells fracked, no one has been killed by a fracked well. neil: they are all waiting for that big disaster to come. >> any industrial process is bound to have some sort of a problem on the line. but, shale is a safe activity. and it is stimulating the economy. the president said he was thees 100 billion more infrastructure spending issue instead of that guy a government, there is a is a 100 billion shovel hungry projted in the shale gas experting a, you need licenses that shale gas to countries without free trade agreements in u.s., ready to go. they have been ready to go f years. neil: talk about hostage to the
11:46 pm
extremes in your base. unions, already whining about healthy care law, they realize ethis is costing us. also about administration's position on keystone, if your core saysnough on issues like this, that should tell the president and harry reid, nancy pelosi something? >> you would think, you would think. u know they would bee tone deaf to the right wing but it would be strange if they were tone deaf to the unions. neil: bill clinton was savvy enough to get on the -- >> i think that clion was good for the economy, he had a planned budget, as far as i could see. >> he was pragmatic. >> it is not just a political thing, i think that problem with a lot of left now, is the are
11:47 pm
so idealogical they can't see straight about any other solution. >> wilbur ross thank you very much. i urg you to go to our site, looking at that john kennedy irk have been arguing for something that would seem to be iconi on the right but back then he saw it as only way to improve the economy that could use aoose. he got the goosing sadly after he was gone. >> remember some steve jobs returned to apple? time for bill gates to suit up and do the same? weekdays are for rising to the challenge. they're the days to take ce of business. when possibilities become reality. with centurylink as your trusted partner, our visionary cloud infrastructure and global broadband network free you to focus on what matters. with custom communications solutions and responsive, dedicated support, we constantly evolve tmeet your needs.
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every day of the week. centurylink® your link to what's next.
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neil: jus days after lights out on nazdaq, son of a glitch, happening beyond nazdaq, amazon
11:51 pm
cloud issue, forcing a view off line f a few hours. that is an attorney for customers, mark cuban just telling me this a far bigger problem than we thought. >> see a pattern here? >> yeah there is, you better believe it every single digital asset that we have in this country is under attack. >> you think that nazdaq was? >>, why not. if you are -- >> all this stuff they talk about technicalhat did not mesh? >> it may be, but it still under attack. neil: so a concerted attack? lee, garrett to -- does that make you think twice about companies whose lights flicker more than once? >> we need to understand that, the amount of sensitive information that is going on amazon's cloud server is getting bigger and bigger, chinese could be after us, one thing, there is a big ripple effect w want
11:52 pm
instance gratification, if we're watching house of cards sunday on netflix, if is easy to flip channel. watch real housewives on cable, which is always there each company nds to look at where their in success held, for viewers, a clouds means a bunch of servers hooked together in a data center where we don't know where it is. neil: gary, i see, storm clouds, i see storm clouds that produce rain and problem. >> well, the word depend billty comes to forefront, if companies cannot depend on amazon networking and their servers, they will have to go elsewhere. mark cuban is smarter than me, i'm not sure. neil: i don't know about that, but maybe lucky and okay with basketball but i would not.
11:53 pm
>> just a few billion. but, bottom line, that good news about all this, is that the companies are going to get a lot more serious about it. really try to put fail saves in there. we'll have out liar evens, but not sureasthma, cuban said. neil: i told cuban you try to read a prompter with sincerity. issue today, mark cuban may be find playing basketball teal owner, but what happens that company that made you rich is in trouble, do you pull a steve jobs and saddle up and junk everything is that what bill gates show do, now that steve ballmer is leaves microsoft? that would be a horrible thing.
11:54 pm
i hear bill gates has checked out. he is not a steve jobs, he is not thinking about future, but he is thinking about his legacy, microsoft does not fit into that. if anything, bill gates needs to find a great talented person from silicon valley to takeover the company. i would think one best thing he coul do is suggestion they break up it to smaller parts, but that is not going to happen, no steve jobs. >> gary? >> if you watch 60 minutes interview with bill gates, you then man is committed to the lives of children across the globe. they have a ton of money in their foundatio and warren buffet, as far as microsoft it has been a stagnant stock, a no-growth company for a while, someone will have to come in really create businesses on top of what they do or will stay here for a long while, like intel, remember apple until they jobs found the iphone ipod
11:55 pm
and ipad, they were dead in the water ao. >> you are right about that whole foods, wholly focused on food and eating everyone's lunch, why venture outside of growthries trying vinyl records. they are selling vinyl with veggies in some stores. to see if there is interest and plenty, i guess branching out into muhs dec not hurt starbuck -- music did not hurt starbucks >> i live vinyl, i am old, but young kids they rip the free downloads on internet they love they buy the collect vinyl, not like an old format, this is a new fresh thing for young people, you go to a starbucks, and you see we of course with a cd ofarin maroon 5, it is like , if is not fresh, if you want young wealthier gen -yers, you
11:56 pm
want them to spend their whole paycheck there, this is a great move, ss something about their brand, that is what i think is a winner. neil: all right, gary? >> i can think of 4 words, square peg and round hole. i am not at whole foods, they run their business, interesting they were quoted as saying our customers have told us they want vinyl. so more power to them, but i have bn in the stores, i don't know where it fits, a company like urban outfitters selling a ton of vinyl records at their stores, and one biggest sellers, so, maybe they are on to something. neil: all right. i don't know. aresolutioa-- we'll see, hope ss eternal th you very much. we'll continue exploring what is been happening on nsa front, and
11:57 pm
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